32+ Proper Bench Press Grip Background

And the grip determines the success of every lift.

32+ Proper Bench Press Grip Background. Bench press with proper form: In addition, a wide grip bench press reduces the range of motion of the movement, which decreases the.

How To Bench Press With Proper Form Definitive Guide
How To Bench Press With Proper Form Definitive Guide from cdn.stronglifts.com
The proper grip on your bench press will save your shoulders and maximize your ability to achieve your training goals. Two, it makes your elbows flare. In this video, we teach you how to bench press with proper form and technique.

The wide grip bench press allows you to maximally recruit the pec muscles, which are responsible for producing maximum force off the chest.

Experiment with this to find the correct grip width for yourself, and if possible, videotape yourself from behind the bench to confirm that your wrists and elbows are in the proper position. The wider the grip, the less distance you have to push the bar to complete a bench press. This is why many competitive lifters pick a wide grip for the bench press. What is the proper bench press grip width?